A recent Fosamax lawsuit trial revealed that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration “incessantly requested” Merck to make a safer osteoporosis medicine than Fosamax, which can cause Fosamax femur fractures and other alarming side effects.

The 2006 document stated: “Long term retention in bone remains a philosophical and now likely real issue.” Clinical trials conducted by Merck showed that the bisphosphonate osteoporosis drug has an especially long half-life in bone of 10.9 years. Fosamax can cause problems such as atypical femur fractures and osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ). Experts believe that Fosamax’s suppression of bone turnover is what leads to ONJ and other Fosamax side effects.

Merck is currently seeking approval for a next generation osteoporosis drug. During a conference call about the viability of the new drug in a crowded market, Merck Chairman noted that there has been “declining use of bisphosphonate [drugs] due to some concerns that have been raised around long term safety.” Merck is likely to discontinue marketing Fosamax once it receives approval for the new drug. According to the company’s third-quarter earnings report, Fosamax sales dropped by 29 percent compared to the previous year,

Fosamax Lawsuits Continue In New Jersey District Court

Recently, a St. Clair County Fosamax femur fracture lawsuit was added to the federal MDL underway in New Jersey. More than 870 cases are currently pending in the MDL before Judge Joel Pisano.

Some 1,116 Fosamax lawsuits over ONJ are underway in a MDL in New York, before Judge John Keene. Fosamax lawsuits allege that Merck failed to adequately warn Fosamax users about the risks associated with the drug, such as ONJ and sudden femur fractures, as well as defective design and breach of warranty.

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