Approximately 76 million Americans are affected by foodborne illnesses each year.  Although most episodes of foodborne illnesses are short-lived, many people have died from food poisoning. Foodborne illnesses are almost always caused by improper growing, processing, distribution, or preparation of food. Produce may become contaminated with certain germs and cause people who ingest them to develop Salmonella, Shigella, or E. coli food poisonings.  Recently, there have been numerous food recalls, such as the Nestle cookie dough recall and sprout recall. These foods have been linked to food poisoning outbreaks, and food manufacturers face potential liability for the food they producem, because they are responsible for, among other things, providing their employees with proper food safety training and ensuring that the food is handled properly.  Failure by a manufacturer to do so many result in food liability

Restaurant Food Liability

Restaurants also have food liability.  Restaurants are responsible for keeping their foods fresh and safe to eat.  Cooked food that is left unrefrigerated for more than two hours invites bacteria growth, which ultimately can lead to food poisoning outbreaks.  In addition, restaurants must comply with food safety guidelines to ensure that they are not putting the public at risk of food poisoning outbreaks.  Campylobacteriosis is the most common type of food poisoning and is usually caused by inadequate food safety practices among food handers.

Food Poisoning Liability

Food poisoning symptoms can sometimes be long term and destructive to one’s health and enjoyment of life and, in some instances, there might not be any food poisoning treatment.  The consequences of food poisoning necessitate the need for food liability among both food manufacturers and restaurants.  If there were no food liability, E. coli, food safety, and salmonella lawsuits could not have been successfully filed on the behalf of victims of food poisoning and those victims would be left without recovery for their injuries 

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