E. coli bacteria causes serious food poisoning symptoms in certain situations.  E. coli bacteria can infect food during any time in the manufacturing process or during preparation.  E. coli symptoms include intense diarrhea and a high fever, or even peritonitis, an infection of the intestines that may be fatal without quick treatment.  Young people and the elderly are at an increased risk of dying from an E. coli infection.  These fatalities often result in E. coli recall lawsuits filed by E. coli recall lawyers. The E. coli recall lawyers at Bernstein Liebhard are currently investigating E. coli lawsuits regarding products that were distributed containing E. coli bacteria.

E. Coli Outbreak

E. coli recall lawsuits have been filed in response to various E. coli outbreaks.  The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) recently confirmed the presence of E. coli strain 0157:H7 in Nestle Toll House refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough, and Nestle issued an E. coli cookie dough recall of all of its prepackaged refrigerated cookie dough. E. coli 0157:H7 infections can be fatal, and cause watery diarrhea, peritonitis, and fever. E. coli recall lawyers can help victims who have experienced such injuries to evaluate whether they should bring an E. coli recall lawsuit

In 2006, the FDA recalled all fresh spinach and spinach products after a multistate E. coli outbreak was linked to one death and 100 cases of E. coli related illness.  109 people, including 6 children, were infected with E. coli 0157:H7, and one Wisconsin adult died of Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, a serious kidney complication linked to E. coli food poisoning.  16 cases of HUS were diagnosed during the outbreak.

E. Coli Recall Lawyer

If you are experiencing E. coli symptoms, contact your doctor, who can order a stool culture to determine whether you have been infected with the E. coli bacteria.  Also, save the food that you think may have been the cause of your E. coli infection so that the food may be tested.  This information may be important because this information is useful to your E. coli recall lawyer to help establish that E. coli in fact caused your sickness.

If you are diagnosed with E. coli or suspect that you are sick because of an E. coli recall product, you can contact an E. coli recall lawyer for a free claim evaluation about your potential E. coli recall lawsuit. 

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