Fleet Phospho Soda is an over-the-counter oral sodium phosphate solution commonly used as a laxative or as a bowel cleanser prior to a colonoscopy. When used at higher doses for colonoscopy prep, Fleet Phospho Soda can cause a condition known as acute phosphate nephropathy, which can lead to kidney failure. Depending on the circumstances, Fleet Phospho Soda kidney failure can be life-threatening and may require dialysis and/or kidney transplant.

Kidney Failure Symptoms

In the beginning, kidney failure may not produce any symptoms. As kidney function decreases, however, lethargy, weakness, shortness of breath, and generalized swelling may occur. These symptoms are related to the kidneys’ inability to regulate water and electrolyte balances, to clear waste products from the body, and to promote red blood cell production.

Fleet Phospho Soda FDA Recall

On December 11, 2008, C.B. Fleet voluntarily withdrew its over-the-

counter oral bowel cleansing solutions from the market after the FDA indicated that over-the-counter oral sodium phosphates should not be used in high doses for bowel preparation and should only be available by prescription. At that time, the FDA announced that a black box warning would be added to prescription oral sodium phosphates, such as OsmoPrep and Visicol, to notify consumers about the risk of serious side effects, including kidney failure.

Fleet Phospho Soda Acute Phosphate Nephropathy

The FDA has confirmed that at least 21 people have developed acute phosphate nephropathy after using oral sodium phosphate solutions like Fleet Phospho Soda. Also referred to as Acute Nephrocacinosis, acute phosphate nephropathy occurs when calcium-phosphate crystals deposit in the renal tubules. In some cases, acute phosphate nephropathy can permanently impair kidney function and lead to kidney failure and/or death.

According to the FDA, the risk of acute phosphate nephropathy from Fleet Phospho Soda is greater among those who are over 55 years old, those who suffer from dehydration, kidney disease, acute colitis or delayed bowel emptying, and those who are taking medications that affect the kidney, like fluid pills, blood pressure, heart failure or kidney failure drugs.

Fleet Phospho Soda Kidney Failure Lawyer

If you or a loved one has developed Fleet Phospho Soda kidney failure or other serious Fleet Phospho Soda side effects, you may be entitled to file a Fleet Phospho Soda lawsuit seeking compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

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