Today’s date is likely to mark a milestone in Actos lawsuits.

According to a Feb. 19, 2013 report from, the first of more than 3,000 cases filed over the Takeda Pharmaceutical Co.-manufactured diabetes drug is set to go to trial in Los Angeles state court, and will hear allegations filed by a plaintiff who says the Asian drugmaker failed to warn that Actos could lead to bladder cancer.

As a result, the 69-year old is now “gravely ill,” according to his suit, after being diagnosed in November 2011.

In response to these claims, Takeda’s lawyers issued the following statement via e-mail: “We empathize with the plaintiffs but believe that Takeda acted responsibly with regard to Actos.  Studies do not establish a causal link between Actos and bladder cancer.”

Actos Litigation Grows in the U.S.

Over 1,200 lawsuits, which say the medication may lead to bladder cancer, are pending in the federal Actos litigation based in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana. The first federal court case is slated to go to trial in November 2014.

These cases were filed after FDA officials released the findings of a 2011 Takeda-sponsored study that showed some Actos users were at a heightened risk of developing bladder cancer or heart problems. Following these revelations, the company stopped selling its product in Germany and France at the order of the countries’ regulators.

The FDA also found that as the dosage on Actos heightened, the risk of bladder cancer may be upped by 50 percent.

Last month, the manufacturer was granted approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market new diabetes drug Nesina, to replace Actos.

Actos sales peaked at the fiscal year end in March 2011 at $4.5 billion, according to data gathered by Bloomberg, and weighed in at 27 percent of Takeda’s revenue for that time.

How to File an Actos Lawsuit

If you were diagnosed with bladder cancer or heart problems after taking the diabetes drug Actos, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your injuries by filing an Actos lawsuit. Contact a lawyer at Bernstein Liebhard LLP by calling (877) 779-1414 for more information.

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