The federal multidistrict litigation overseeing more 2,500 Xarelto lawsuits will begin trying cases in early 2017. According to an Order issued by the Court on September 18th, the first trial will begin on February 6, 2017, while subsequent trials will start on March 13th, April 24th and May 30th.

The Court has yet to select cases for those trials, but the September 18th Order indicates that 40 Xarelto lawsuits will be assigned to an initial discovery pool, 10 of which will be chosen by plaintiffs, 10 by the defense, and 20 via random selection. All of the initial discovery pool assignments will be made by January 11, 2015. Cases from the discovery pool will be designated for trial by August 1, 2016.

The first two Xarelto trials will be convened in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, where the multidistrict litigation is located. However, the third and fourth trials will take place in yet-to-be designated U.S. District Courts in Texas and Mississippi.

Xarelto Trials Will Test Plaintiffs’ Allegations

Court records indicate that at least 2,550 Xarelto lawsuits are pending in the Eastern District of Louisiana, all of which put forth similar allegations regarding the blood thinner’s propensity to cause uncontrollable internal bleeding and other serious side effects. The trials addressed in the Court’s September 18th Order are what is known as bellwether trials, which are intended to provide insight into how other juries might decide lawsuits involving similar claims.

Xarelto is a new generation blood thinner that was intended to replace warfarin, a medication that has been the standard anticoagulant therapy for decades. Marketing materials for Xarelto purport that the drug offers several advantages over warfarin, which requires patients to undergo frequent blood testing and follow certain dietary restricts. The manufacturers of Xarelto claim that their medication requires neither. However, plaintiffs in Xarelto lawsuits contend that patients might actually benefit from a blood monitoring protocol, and they point out that there is no approved antidote to reverse internal bleeding that sometimes occurs in patients taking the blood thinner. By contrast, warfarin bleeding can be stopped via the administration of vitamin K.

Xarelto was approved for U.S. sales in 2011. Its label includes a black box warning that contains information about the increased risk of blood clot formation after premature discontinuation of the medication in the absence of adequate alternative anticoagulation.

Xarelto Lawsuit Reviews

Patients who experienced Xarelto bleeding or other complications allegedly associated with its use are urged to call Bernstein Liebhard LLP today to learn more about their legal rights. To schedule a free review of your Xarelto claim, please call 1-877-779-1414.

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