Since its approval in 1990, the Duragesic (fentanyl) patch has been linked to various life-threatening side effects. As a result, several Duragesic patch recalls and health alerts have been issued in an effort to minimize Duragesic patch-related tragedies. However, 120 deaths associated with the Duragesic patch have already been reported. 

According to recently-filed lawsuits, an alleged defect in the patch is to blame for several deaths. Specifically, some Duragesic patches may have small cuts, allowing fentanyl, the pain medicine inside the patch, to leak into the packaging. These leaky Duragesic patches may be responsible for causing lethal fentanyl overdoses.

Hundreds of lawsuits filed by injured Duragesic Patch patients and their families are now underway. These lawsuits seek compensation from Johnson & Johnson, the Duragesic patch’s maker, for medical and other expenses related to serious side effects allegedly caused by the Duragesic patch. While some of these lawsuits have already been settled out of court, with Johnson & Johnson paying millions in compensation, other lawsuits are still pending.

Do I qualify for a Fentanyl Lawsuit?

Although many fentanyl lawsuits are already in progress, it is not too late for injured Duragesic patch patients and their families to file a fentanyl lawsuit. Our fentanyl lawyers can advise Duragesic patch patients and their families as to whether a lawsuit would be a feasible option.

With a fentanyl lawsuit, our fentanyl lawyers can also help Duragesic patch patients and families seek compensation for their losses. Some of the expenses related to the Duragesic patch that a fentanyl lawsuit may help you recover include:

  • medical bills
  • burial costs
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of a family member’s financial contribution
  • loss of the emotional support of the loved one

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