Denture adhesive creams such as Fixodent, Poligrip and Super Poligrip, which are used to hold dentures in place, have been linked to zinc poisoning. Many denture creams, including Fixodent and Poligrip, contain the mineral zinc. When ingested in large amounts, zinc causes zinc poisoning, which can lead to other serious side effects such as copper deficiency and even death. 

Zinc Poisoning Symptoms & Diagnosis

Denture cream zinc poisoning symptoms may include:

  • weakness
  • loss of sensation
  • tingling in the extremities
  • numbness
  • neuropathy

Denture cream users who experience symptoms of denture cream zinc poisoning should inform their doctors immediately. If not detected early and treated, the effects of denture cream zinc poisoning can be permanent. Fortunately, a doctor can identify whether a patient has denture cream zinc poisoning by performing blood tests, including zinc serum and copper serum tests.  Available research suggests, however, that once denture cream users stop using denture cream, their zinc and copper levels may return toward normal but neuropathy symptoms persist.  Our denture cream zinc poisoning lawyers can walk you through the process of getting your blood tested and evaluating your potential legal case.

Denture Cream Zinc Poisoning Study

In August 2008, a study published in the journal Neurology reported on four patients who suffered neuropathy and other neurological side effects associated with zinc poisoning. All four patients were denture cream users, had zinc poisoning and had copper deficiency.

According to the study, which was conducted by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, the patients’ zinc poisoning was due to excessive use of denture cream. Specifically, the study noted that while one tube of denture cream should last 3 to 10 weeks, patients in the report were all using at least two tubes of denture cream a week.

Denture Cream Zinc Poisoning Lawyer

Because denture cream manufacturers do not warn the public about the risk of zinc poisoning associated with denture cream use, many of the more than 35 million Americans who wear dentures are unaware of this potential side effect. Our denture cream lawyers believe that denture cream manufacturers should be held accountable for their failure to warn consumers of the risk of denture cream zinc poisoning and other serious denture cream side effects.

If you or a loved one uses Fixodent, Poligrip, Super Poligrip or another brand of denture cream and suffers from symptoms of zinc poisoning, such as pain and numbness in the hands and feet, you should contact one of our denture cream zinc poisoning lawyers immediately to discuss your legal rights and options.  You may be able to file a denture cream lawsuit, Fixodent lawsuit, Poligrip lawsuit and/or Super Poligrip lawsuit.

Contact us today for a free and confidential case evaluation from an experienced Fixodent lawyer or Poligrip lawyer about a potential denture cream zinc poisoning lawsuit.

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