July 2008- Zimmer Holdings, the largest producer of orthopedic devices in the U.S., suspended sales of an artificial hip replacement part, known as the “Durom Cup,” due to high implant failure rates. The high implant failure rates were caused by the Zimmer Durom Cup’s inability to bond with the host bone, causing the implanted hip replacement part to migrate.

According to a New York Times article, the issue first surfaced in April when Dr. Lawrence Dorr, an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles, California, publicly warned other orthopedists that his patients were experiencing high Durom Cup failure rates. At that time, Zimmer said it would start an investigation, but it declined to stop Durom Cup sales. Zimmer continued selling the Durom Cup until July 2008 when it decided to “temporarily suspend” U.S. sales.

Although Zimmer continued to deny that the Durom Cup is defective after recalling the Durom Cup, it acknowledged that some patients receiving the hip replacement part may require revision surgery in a letter to orthopedic surgeons dated July 22, 2008.

Before the Zimmer Durom Cup recall, Zimmer allowed approximately 12,000 people in the United States to receive the Durom Cup, even though they knew or should have known that doctors were provided with inadequate warnings and instructions about the surgical techniques required to avoid failure of the hip replacement parts. In fact, Zimmer’s own research data estimates that some doctors experienced hip failure rates as high as 5.7% with the Durom Cup.

Legal Help for Victims of Zimmer Durom Cup Failure

For months after doctors started reporting Zimmer Durom hip problems, Zimmer ignored safety concerns and refused to conduct a full investigation. While Zimmer is now taking steps in the right direction, the company has allowed thousands of people to be implanted with the Durom Cup without adequately disclosing the risks and necessary surgical techniques.

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