On January 13, 2009 – The Peanut Butter Corporation of America (PCA) announced a nationwide recall of peanut butter produced in its Blakely, Georgia processing facility because of potential salmonella contamination.  PCA is a peanut processing company and maker of peanut butter for bulk distribution to institutions, food service industries, and private label food companies.

The potentially affected peanut butter products were produced on or after July 1, 2008.  None of the peanut butter being recalled is sold directly to consumers through retail stores.  To date, there has been no association with PCA peanut butter products and the common brand names of peanut butter sold in grocery stores.

Sold in bulk packaging by PCA, the recalled peanut butter is distributed for institutional and food service industry use.  It is also sold under the brand name Parnell’s Pride.  Furthermore, it is sold by King Nut Company under the label King Nut. 

The recall was initiated after an open container of King Nut brand peanut butter in a long-term facility in Minnesota was found to contain a strain of salmonella.  Salmonella causes cramping, diarrhea and fever.  Salmonella typhimurium, the outbreak strain, is one of the most common forms of salmonella. 

The voluntary recall of 20 lots of PCA peanut butter, in containers ranging from five to 50 pounds, is being done immediately.  Customers who received the recalled peanut butter products are being notified via telephone and in writing by PCA.  Moreover, PCA has set up a toll-free hotline to answer customer questions.  Additionally, customers can also visit the company website for more information.  PCA will continue to update its website as the investigation continues. 

PCA is working closely with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as state officials in this ongoing investigation.

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