August 14, 2009- a study published in the British Medical Journal Online about Yasmin birth control and Yaz birth control found that the risk of blood clots is significantly higher compared to that of other oral contraceptives, despite marketing from the makers of Yasmin/YAZ suggesting that their blood clot risks were no greater.

Women Using Yasmin or YAZ May Have Higher Blood Clot Risk

Yasmin and YAZ birth control lawsuits had already been filed based on life-threatening side effects such as heart attack, stroke, and gallbladder disease. The new study’s data describing these drugs’ increased risk of blood clots “which can cause stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, and death” provide further evidence that Yasmin and YAZ are dangerous products.

The study was published on August 14, 2009 in the prestigious British Medical Journal. More than 3,000 women who were taking different brands of birth control pills were examined. The study’s authors found that the over-the-counters with drospirenone (or desogestrel or cyproterone acetate) were up to twice as likely to cause blood clots compared to OCs with levenorgestrel or a low dose of estrogen. Both Yasmin and YAZ contain drospirenone, a new synthetic form of progestin, as part of their combined-hormone formulation.

YAZ/Yasmin Are Apparently Not the Safest Oral Contraceptives

This finding is in stark contrast to the massive direct-to-consumer advertising of Yasmin and YAZ from Bayer Healthcare, the drugs’ maker. Until 2008, the two OCs were marketed as nearly the same birth control method, and the advertising suggested that Yasmin and YAZ are as safe as older versions of “the Pill,” but much more convenient. The marketing campaign has been very successful together Yasmin and YAZ account for about 29 percent of the OC market in the U.S.

Bayer Healthcare has already been reprimanded by the FDA for their misleading advertising: the company had to spend millions of dollars to provide new television and print ads correcting their misinformation about the benefits and uses of YAZ (it’s not for treating premenstrual syndrome, as the original ads implied). In light of the new study’s findings, Bayer may have to further revise their YAZ and Yasmin advertising or at least the products’ prescribing information, to warn consumers and physicians about the increased risk of inducing blood clots.

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