On July 21, 2011, Partner Jeffrey S. Grand was appointed Co-Liaison Counsel in In re Pelvic Mesh Litigation, by the Honorable Carol E. Higbee of the Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division, Atlantic County, who is overseeing the centralized management for all transvaginal mesh lawsuits filed in New Jersey.  In receiving this appointment, Judge Higbee recognized Mr. Grand as a pelvic mesh lawyer with significant expertise necessary to lead the consolidated transvaginal mesh lawsuits.  Specifically, as Co-Liaison Counsel, Mr. Grand will assist in leading the transvaginal mesh lawsuits against C.R. Bard, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon, and other defendants. 

Given that many women experienced problems with transvaginal mesh, which is used in the repair of pelvic organ prolapse, it is expected that the number of transvaginal mesh lawsuits filed in Atlantic County will grow significantly over the coming months.  In addition, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently issued a safety communication, advising patients and doctors to consider alternative treatments for the repair of pelvic organ prolapse because of the high incidence of problems with transvaginal mesh implants. 

As a leading pelvic mesh lawyer, Mr. Grand is actively reviewing and filing transvaginal mesh lawsuits on behalf of plaintiffs who experienced serious and life threatening complications and problems with transvaginal mesh. Mr. Grand Asked To Speak At Pelvic Mesh Litigation Conferences in addition to assuming a leadership role in the consolidated transvaginal mesh lawsuits in New Jersey, Mr. Grand has also been asked to speak at two conferences on the pelvic mesh litigation in September and October.  As an experienced pelvic mesh lawyer, Mr. Grand will share insight regarding the expected course that the mass-tort pelvic mesh litigation will likely follow.  In addition to providing an overview on the current status of the pelvic mesh litigation, he will also discuss discovery issues pertinent to the transvaginal mesh lawsuits.  Both pelvic mesh litigation conferences will be attended by other attorneys who may be interested in representing clients who had problems with transvaginal mesh and are looking to file transvaginal mesh lawsuits but need guidance from an experienced pelvic mesh lawyer.  In addition to providing an overview on the pelvic mesh litigation, Mr. Grand will discuss client screening and causation issues that may arise.  For example, a pelvic mesh lawyer will need to show that his client’s problems with transvaginal mesh were a direct result of undergoing a treatment for the repair of pelvic organ prolapse.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

If you or a loved experienced problems with transvaginal mesh implants during the repair of pelvic organ prolapse, you may be able to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. Contact a pelvic mesh lawyer at our firm today for a free and confidential lawsuit evaluation. The lawyers at Bernstein Liebhard LLP have extensive litigation experience and have recovered billions of dollars for their clients. In addition to being staunch advocates for your claim, our lawyers also provide personal attention to guide you through the complex pelvic mesh litigation process.

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