On April 5, 2012, Judge James E. Kinkeade scheduled a conference in the DePuy Pinnacle MDL with a committee of lawyers appointed by the court to help coordinate the litigation, which is currently underway in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas. The DePuy Pinnacle MDL conference is set for April 25, 2012. Previously, on April 2, 2012, the court entered a Master Case List that detailed the case numbers, filing dates, and transferor districts of the Pinnacle hip implant lawsuits pending before the judge. According to the Master Case List, more than 1,100 DePuy hip replacement lawsuits have been filed in the DePuy Pinnacle MDL.

DePuy Pinnacle MDL Order Set Out Directions For Counsel

To prepare for the DePuy Pinnacle MDL conference, the April 5, 2012 order directed the parties leading in the litigation to confer with the Special Master to start working on the following matters:

  • input for a Case Management Order to establish a firm schedule for the parties to follow during the pendency of the litigation;
  • analysis of creating separate tracks for different configurations of the Pinnacle-brand device within the DePuy Pinnacle MDL;
  • guidelines for plaintiffs’ attorneys regarding credit for work completed for the common-benefit of all plaintiffs in the DePuy Pinnacle MDL;
  • agreements for a long-form and short-form complaint procedure;
  • a standardized fact sheet to be completed by plaintiffs;
  • protocol for joint production of ASR and Pinnacle documents, designation of privileged documents, and a procedure for challenging privilege designations; and
  • coordination with state MDL proceedings.

DePuy Pinnacle Hip Implant Lawsuits

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