Yesterday, we visited the FDA website, searched for “DePuy ASR” and stumbled upon a strange new posting.  Under the listing for recalled medical devices, we noticed that the DePuy ASR recall list had grown – an additional 68 ASR hip products were recently added.  Given that the DePuy ASR recall was issued in August 2010, we were confused as to why these ASR hip replacement products were posted on March 24, 2011 – over seven months after the DePuy ASR recall was initiated.  This curious posting left us scratching our heads, engaging in heated debates, and lead to budding conspiracy theories.  Did we miss some breaking news development?  Did we uncover a cover-up or a break in the case?  Did we beat Google to the punch?  Of course, all of these products were already recalled by the company during the voluntary DePuy ASR recall of August 24, 2011.  Perhaps, it was just a late posting, but it certainly caught our attention.  After reviewing all of the newly posted DePuy ASR products, we found that over 120,000 of the DePuy ASR recalled hip components were listed as “in commerce.”  Stay tuned for further updates on the DePuy ASR recall.

Published April 1, 2011 by