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Published: April 1st, 2015
As testosterone lawsuits involving AndroGel and similar drugs continue to make their way through U.S. courts, a newly-published editorial suggests that sales of low T treatments may have been fueled by “disease mongering” on the part of pharmaceutical companies. What is Disease Mongering? Acco...Read More
Published: March 30th, 2015
A dozen plaintiffs have filed a Xarelto lawsuit in California alleging the blood thinning medication was responsible for serious complications they experienced. According to the complaint, which is currently pending in U.S. District Court, Central District of California, all of the plaintiffs named ...Read More
Published: March 25th, 2015
A new analysis has found that many doctors are ignoring current treatment guidelines when they prescribe testosterone treatments like AndroGel to their male patients. The study, which appeared this month in Public Health Reports, echoes concerns recently raised by U.S. health regulators, as well as ...Read More
Published: March 23rd, 2015
A Pennsylvania juryconvened to weigh evidence in the trial of an important Risperdal lawsuit ruled on Friday that the antipsychotic medication did not cause the plaintiff’s excessive breast growth. However, the panel did agree with the lawsuit’s assertion that Johnson & Johnson and its Janss...Read More
Published: March 20th, 2015
Grenades were thrown by both sides at the second bellwether trial for a Risperdal a lawsuit, which follows a similar case that concluded in February with a $2.5 million damage award to the plaintiff. According to a report on March 19th, 2015, closing arguments in the proceeding’s second gynecom...Read More
Published: March 19th, 2015
A two-year old in North Dakota was born with a heart twice as large as it should be with two extra holes, a heart defect that was allegedly caused by her mother’ use of a medication now involved in several Zofran lawsuits. A report on March 17th tells the story of a little girl who is preparing...Read More
Published: March 18th, 2015
Entering the world of testosterone treatments is its first and only nasal gel, which is now available on the U.S. market for males with abnormally low levels of the hormone. According to reports, the medication is called NATESTO and became commercially available on March 16, 2015 after being appr...Read More
Published: March 16th, 2015
Heart defects similar to those alleged in several recent Zofran lawsuit claims may be significantly more likely to occur in children of mothers who were exposed to the anti-nausea medication in the womb than those who were not, according to research published at the end of last year. A study publ...Read More
Published: March 12th, 2015
A Zofran lawsuit has been filed in Pennsylvania federal court by a woman who alleges cardiovascular defects born to her two children who were exposed to the medication, according to court documents. The case was filed recently in the U.S. District Court, District of Pennsylvania, recent reports i...Read More
Published: March 10th, 2015
A California jury awarded $5.7 million in March to the plaintiff in a transvaginal mesh lawsuit that alleged injuries from an implant manufactured by the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, Ethicon, according to Reuters. The verdict was reached March 5th in Kern County after jurors found the compan...Read More