Pregnant women should be wary about cell phone radiation exposure, which impacts fetal brain development and may cause hyperactivity, according to a new study. The study, conducted by researchers from the Yale School of Medicine, sought to determine how cell phone radiation affected pregnancies.

Researchers experimented on pregnant mice and found  the offspring of the pregnant mice exposed to cell phone radiation to be more active, with slightly decreased memory. According to Dr. Hugh Taylor, one of the lead authors of the study, there is a “biological basis” for cell phone radiation exposure to impact pregnancies. Dr. Taylor advises pregnant women to be cautious with using cell phones, and to avoid holding the devices close to their bodies.

Dr. Taylor will join other global researchers in an upcoming panel discussion about cell phone radiation and pregnancy.

The latest study adds to increasing concerns about cell phone radiation side effects. There are nearly as many cell phone subscribers in the world as there are inhabitants, including increasing numbers of children who are exposed to cell phone radiation cancer risks. In 2011, the World Health Organization classified cell phones as possible cancer causing agents. Numerous studies have shown a link between cell phone radiation and brain cancer, including glioma, acoustic neuroma, and meningioma.

Recent government reviews also found that cell phone radiation standards in the U.S. are outdated. Both the Government Accountability Office and the American Pediatric Association have called for an update in cell phone radiation rules to account for changing technology and new research about cell phone radiation. Current cell phone radiation standards haven’t been updated since 1996, and likely underestimate the amount of cell phone radiation exposure most users are subject to.

Dr. Devra Davis, founder of the Environmental Health Trust and cell phone radiation awareness advocate, told The Daily Mail: “While it may be legal for companies to show advertisements of phones being used in ways that are not recommended, it is not ethical,” she said. “When they sell phones to people, and they tell them in fine print to not use them next to the body, and then all their advertisements show them using cellphones exactly next to the body … I think that is really a profound disconnect that people ought to be aware of.”

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