In response to a recent study on mobile phone cancer risk published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, which concluded that there is no connection between cell phone use and brain cancer in children, the Huffington Post solicited opinions from industry experts on the health effects of cell phone use. The experts, who opined on cell phone effects on the brain, included Dr. Keith Black, chair of neurosurgery and neuroscience at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and Dr. Devra Davis, president and founder of the consumer advocacy group Environmental Health Trust.

Experts Argue That Mobile Phones Cause Health Problems

As noted by the experts, the study analyzing cell phone effects on the brain, was financially supported by the cell phone industry and contained many flaws. First, less than 15 percent of the child participants had used cell phones for more than a four year period. Thus, the mobile phone cancer risk for these participants was low. Dr. Black noted that “It usually takes decades of exposure for a person to be at an increased cancer risk. Second, the findings were based on children and teens who averaged one or more weekly cell phone calls over a period of at least six months. Therefore, the participants were not an at-risk group likely to sustain health effects of cell phone use. Dr. Black was not surprised that no link regarding cell phone radiation and health was found, stating “Studies that have tended to not find a link looked at short-term use – maybe an hour or so a month. He quipped, “It’s interesting that most of the studies that have shown a correlation between brain cancer and cell phone use have tended to look at long-term exposure – at least 10 years – and at higher doses such as using a cell phone for 60 minutes or more a day.”

Growing Concern About Mobile Phone Cancer Risk and Teens

Given that cell phones are used by almost five billion people, the possible link between cell phone radiation damage and brain cancer is not one that should be so flippantly dismissed – especially as cell phone users get younger and younger each year. As noted by Dr. Davis, “To have moms assume that kids using cell phones are safe is the wrong conclusion to make.” Rather, parents should be cognizant of a potential mobile phone cancer risk. Dr. Davis continued to blast the study’s findings, adding “It’s ridiculous to think that because you didn’t find a significant increase in brain cancer among kids that now cell phones are safe . . . Do you really want to run an experiment on your children like we did with tobacco?”

Health Effects of Cell Phone Use Result in Lawsuits

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