Medical equipment failure, which is a form of medical malpractice, is often the result of manufacturing defects or human error. Consequently, if you or a loved one has suffered serious injury or death as a result of equipment failure, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. With an equipment failure lawsuit, an experienced lawyer may be able to help you recover compensation for:

  • medical bills
  • pain and suffering
  • lost income
  • and more

Types of Equipment Failures

Various types of equipment failure pose a risk of serious injury or death. For instance, heart defibrillators with dead batteries can cause a patient to go into cardiac arrest and defective IV pumps can cause too much medication to be administered to a patient over a short time period, leading to overdose. Other medical equipment that may fail or be used improperly by medical care professionals, exposing patients to a heightened risk of serious injury include:

  • anesthetic machines
  • blood pressure equipment
  • cancer diagnostic equipment
  • x-ray equipment

Equipment Failures Lawyers

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury or death as a result of equipment failure, we would be happy to answer your legal questions and address your concerns. Additionally, our attorneys and co-counsel can inform you of your legal rights and options, as well as your chances at succeeding in an equipment failure lawsuit.

Our equipment failure attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no fees or charges up front. In fact, you pay nothing unless our attorneys achieve a favorable outcome in your equipment failure case.

To learn more about your potential equipment failure claim, you should contact our lawyers immediately, as state law limits the time within which attorneys can file your equipment failure lawsuit. 

Contact our law firm today for a free and confidential case evaluation from one of our experienced equipment failure lawyers.

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