Because Bard Avaulta mesh has been linked to a number of different complications, patients implanted with the surgical mesh device may require one or more corrective measures. Necessary Bard Avaulta mesh corrective measures may include:

  • IV therapy
  • Blood transfusions
  • Drainage of hematomas or abscesses
  • Additional surgical procedures (i.e. doctors may need to remove the Bard Avaulta mesh)

The Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) has not yet determined whether specific characteristics put some patients at an increased risk for Bard Avaulta mesh complications. Factors contributing to the need for Bard Avaulta mesh corrective measures may include the patient’s overall health, the surgical mesh material, the size and shape of the Bard Avaulta mesh, the surgical technique used, concomitant procedures undertaken (e.g. hysterectomy), and possibly estrogen status.

Avoiding the Need for Corrective Measures

To help avoid the need for Bard Avaulta mesh corrective measures, the

FDA recommends that physicians should:

  • Obtain specialized training for each mesh placement technique, and be aware of its risks.
  • Be vigilant for potential adverse events from the mesh, especially erosion and infection.
  • Watch for complications associated with the tools used in transvaginal placement, especially bowel, bladder and blood vessel perforations.
  • Inform patients that implantation of surgical mesh is permanent, and that some complications associated with the implanted mesh may require additional surgery that may or may not correct the complication.
  • Inform patients about the potential for serious complications and their effect on quality of life, including pain during sexual intercourse, scarring, and narrowing of the vaginal wall (in POP repair).
  • Provide patients with a written copy of the patient labeling from the surgical mesh manufacturer, if available.

Bard Avaulta Legal Help for Those Who Need Corrective Measures

If you or a loved one required corrective measures to treat a Bard Avaulta mesh complication, such as infection, pain, or recurrence of prolapse and/or incontinence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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