Since its release onto the market in 2004, Avastin has been linked to numerous serious side effects which have given rise to numerous lawsuits. In fact, in February 2006, several Avastin patients suddenly died while being treated with a combination of Avastin and another anti-cancer drug, Xelox. Other serious side effects associated with Avastin that have been the subject of many personal injury lawsuits include:

  • holes in the colon requiring surgery to repair (gastrointestinal perforation)
  • impaired wound healing
  • bleeding leading to stroke or death
  • heart failure
  • neurological damage
  • kidney damage

Avastin users who suffered dangerous side effects may file a lawsuit against Genentech Inc., Avastin’s manufacturer, for their injuries. Genentech, a subsidiary of Roche, may be liable in a lawsuit for failing to warn Avastin users of the drug’s dangerous side effects. Should Genentech be found liable in an Avastin lawsuit, the company will have to pay compensation to the injured victim.

Who Can File an Avastin Lawsuit?

Anyone who has experienced serious side effects after taking Avastin can file an Avastin lawsuit. In addition, a family member can file a lawsuit on behalf of an Avastin victim if the victim has passed away. Finally, an Avastin lawsuit may be filed by the executor of the Avastin victim’s estate.

Avastin Lawyers

Although Avastin lawsuits are already in progress, it is not too late for injured Avastin patients and their families to seek legal help from a lawyer. In order to file an Avastin lawsuit, victims should find an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Finding an attorney is imperative because each state has a time limit, called a statute of limitations, restricting how long each individual has to file an Avastin claim. The time limit varies from state to state, but it’s usually one to two years from when the injury occurs.

Our experienced lawyers can advise Avastin patients and their families about their legal rights and options. By filing a lawsuit, an Avastin lawyer can also help injured patients and families seek compensation for their injuries. Some of the expenses related to Avastin that a lawsuit may help you recover include:

  • medical bills
  • lost income
  • burial costs
  • pain and suffering
  • loss of a family member’s financial contribution
  • loss of the emotional support of the loved one

Contact our experienced Avastin lawyers today to learn more about Avastin lawsuits and your legal rights.

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