A less invasive alternative to the conventional hip replacement is sweeping the nation, and may eventually rid patients of the complications that have led thousands to file DePuy ASR hip lawsuits, Stryker hip lawsuits, Biomet hip replacement lawsuits and other claims brought against metal hip manufacturers, the New York Times reports.

The article dated Mar. 18, 2013 details the benefits of undergoing an anterior hip replacement, which cuts directly into the front of a patient’s hip instead of the side of hip or buttocks, like with a standard hip replacement. This way, the surgeon is reaching the hip socket without disrupting major muscle groups, which the Times says may lessen the potential for patients to suffer complications common to metal hip procedures.

Complications Associated with DePuy ASR Hip Recall, Stryker Hip Recall May Be Avoided in the Future

Many patients who received devices affected by the DePuy ASR hip recall and Stryker hip recall say those complications oftentimes lead to early hip failure and symptoms stemming from metallosis (metal ion poisoning), a condition that occurs when the metal components of a device rub together, causing fretting and corrosion. This may lead to pain, swelling, hip dislocation, pseudotumors and other side effects that have caused many to seek the aid of hip replacement lawyers.

 These side effects also have been named in the mounting DePuy Pinnacle litigation, which now includes more than 3,000 claims filed over the version of the Pinnacle hip replacement that includes a metal Ultamet liner.

With anterior hip replacements, it is suggested that patients may recover quicker than those who received standard hip devices. One 63-year old Virginia man told the New York Times he was back on his feet and at work just two weeks after his anterior hip replacement operation, for example.

“By the fourth week, I was doing a spin class at the athletic club,” he said. ““I feel like I never had surgery.”

A year later, the patient said he cycles regularly, lifts weights and plays racquetball.

In contrast, more and more patients who received the Stryker Rejuvenate, Biomet M2a Magnum, DePuy Pinnacle hip and other metal hip replacements have sought the aid of hip replacement lawyers at Bernstein Liebhard LLP to file claims after sustaining injuries that did not improve with time.

The aftermath of receiving an anterior hip replacement may not be quite as unpleasant, according to an orthopedic surgeon in Houston, Texas quoted in the Times. “You can bend over. You can reach down to the floor. You can cross your legs — all things that patients with a posterior approach have to be careful about for a while because they can dislocate the hip.”

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