Accutane Side Effects: Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Recent medical studies concerning Accutane side effects link Accutane use to bowel problems, including ulcerative colitis and Chron’s disease.  Researchers from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill found that Accutane use increased the risk of developing ulcerative colitis by a factor of four. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (“IBD”) has been linked to Accutane users who had no prior history of stomach or intestinal problems.  Hundred of Accutane users diagnosed with IBD have filed lawsuits against Accutane’s manufacturer.  

Accutane Side Effects: Increased Cholesterol Levels

A recent study of about 14,000 Accutane users found that 31% of Accutane users experience the side effect of high cholesterol levels.  The study was unclear whether this Accutane side effect is permanent. Other studies show that 79% of Accutane users whose cholesterol levels increase return to normal levels within three months of completing the treatment.

Accutane Side Effects: Increased Triglycerides Levels

A recent study revealed that 44% of Accutane users experience the side effect of an increased level of triglycerides, or blood fats. This is much greater than the 25% chance of increased blood fat levels listed on Accutane’s label. Researchers are concerned that an increase in blood fats can lead to cholesterol abnormalities or hypertension. Some studies suggest that Accutane users that experience this Accutane side effect have a twofold risk of developing heart disease. Another study found that 80% of patients that experience the side effect of increased blood fats return to a normal level within three months of treatment.

Accutane Side Effects: Hair Loss

Accutane users may experience a side effect of hair loss. Hair loss is a rare and minor Accutane side effect and the hair usually (but not always) grows back. Accutane causes hair loss because it causes inflammation of the patient’s blood vessels and changes the cells that provide hair structure. This leads to fragile hair roots and causes the hair to fall out.

Hair Loss Prevention

Health Professionals recommend several options for Accutane users to avoid the side effect of hair loss:

  • Avoid placing dye, highlights, or any other chemical into your hair because it further dries out and damages your hair structure
  • Take zinc supplements to strengthen hair
  • Avoid stress by taking Vitamin C and perform light exercise because stress can aggravate hair loss

Injured by Accutane Side Effects?

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