There have been many Accutane lawsuits brought against Hoffman-AccutaneLaRoche, Accutane’s manufacturer, for its severe and sometimes fatal side effects. The risk of Accutane side effects is so great that the FDA named Accutane one of the top five most dangerous available drugs. On May 2, 2008, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that Accutane lawsuits are considered a mass tort, and consolidated the Accutane lawsuits in Atlantic County, NJ, under the guidance of the Honorable Carol E. Higbee.

Accutane and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Lawsuits

Accutane attorneys have filed hundreds of lawsuits on behalf of injured individuals that allege that Accutane caused them to suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (“IBD”). As of April 23, 2008, three Accutane lawsuits resulted in multi-million dollar jury verdicts.

In May 2007, a 36 year old Accutane user filed a lawsuit after developing an extremely severe case of IBD. The patient needed to have his colon and most of his rectum removed. The New Jersey jury awarded him $2.6 million: $119,000 for past medical expenses and $2.5 million in compensatory damages for future medical bills and pain and suffering. 

In October 2007, a Florida jury awarded $7 million to an Accutane user who filed a lawsuit against Hoffman-LaRoche after developing IBD.  Essentially, the jury concluded that Hoffman-La Roche failed to adequately warn of the IBD risk associated with Accutane use. 

In April 2008, a New Jersey jury awarded $10.5 million in an Accutane lawsuit to a 24 year-old Utah woman who started taking Accutane at age 12. When she was 14, she was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and in 2006, had her colon removed. The lawsuit alleged that she suffers from debilitating diarrhea. The jury awarded $78,500 for medical expenses and the remainder for compensatory damages.

Accutane and Suicide Lawsuits

Many Accutane users have filed lawsuits after allegedly experiencing severe psychiatric problems leading to depression and suicide. Lawsuits assert that Hoffman-LaRoche knew about this harmful side effect before it was made public. In 2004, a USA Today article revealed that in the mid-1990s, LaRoche’s doctors warned the company about Accutane’s link to depression. The lawsuits assert that LaRoche refused to issue stronger warnings despite the doctors’ notification. Allegedly, Hoffman La-Roche’s marketing department did not issue stronger warnings knowing it would hurt Accutane sales. Our Accutane lawyers are available to represent your rights.

File an Accutane Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has been injured by Accutane, you may file a lawsuit seeking compensation for:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Loss of Income
  • Partial or Permanent Disability
  • Psychological Suffering

Information on Accutane Lawsuits

If you have any questions or need additional information on Accutane we’re available to help. Please contact us today to assess your case and find out if you are eligible for compensation.    

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