A South Carolina man who received a defective Biomet Magnum hip replacement has filed a lawsuit against Biomet, the device manufacturer, after suffering from hip replacement failure and undergoing a risky revision surgery.

41-year-old Tony R. Bishop received the metal-on-metal hip replacement in October 2006, after falling off a horse. The hip implant cause serious side effects, including bone and tissue destruction and toxic levels of cobalt and chromium in his body.

Last month, Bishop underwent revision surgery to remove the defective hip implant. The surgery lasted four hours and exposed him to even great risk of complications including hip dislocation. Bishop is no longer able to work at his previous janitor position.

Bishop and his wife are now filing a Biomet Magnum lawsuit to seek damages, which are expected to far exceed $75,000. The lawsuit alleges that Biomet falsely marketed the hip implant to orthopedic surgeons, concealing serious potential complications.

The Biomet Magnum hip implant was approved by the FDA without adequate safety testing, through the agency’s controversial “expedited” 501(k) process, which allows devices to go to market if it’s deemed similar enough to a previously approved device.

The FDA has received over 350 reports of adverse events stemming from the Biomet M2a Magnum hip system. Biomet and other metal-on-metal hip implant manufacturers have been ordered to conduct post-market surveillance studies after increasing concern about the dangers of metal hip replacement implants, which can lead to metallosis and hip replacement failure. Some experts and health regulatory agencies have even recommended that the class of devices should not be used at all.

“To this day, Biomet continues to sell these defective hip implants to unsuspecting patients without any warning about the risks or failures that have been reported to the company,” the lawsuit alleges. The lawsuit claims that the company concealed defects of the hip system because it is one of the company’s most profitable devices.

If you received a Biomet Magnum hip implant and underwent revision surgery or experienced other complications, consider joining the other victims of the defective implants in filing a lawsuit. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and more. Call 1-877-779-1414 for a free case review.

Published December 5, 2012 by