On August 24, 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of Johnson & Johnson (“J&J”), issued a recall of two hip replacement products:  the ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System.  The recall was issued after data from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales concluded that one out of every eight patients who received an ASR hip implant had to undergo a second hip replacement – called a revision surgery within five years.  However, additional evidence has since come to light suggesting that the ASR hip implants have a much higher failure rate.  Following the DePuy hip recall, many hip replacement lawsuits, and hip replacement class action lawsuits have been filed by patients and their loved ones, with the assistance of a qualified DePuy hip recall lawyer.

Side Effects Caused By DePuy ASR Hip Replacements

According to medical studies, patients who underwent an ASR hip replacement face an increased risk of hip failure because the metal ASR hip replacement component parts do not fit properly.  In addition to an increased likelihood of revision surgery, other side effects caused by the DePuy ASR hip replacement implants include hip pain, infection, bone fracture, dislocation, metal sensitivity, tissue damage as a result of metal debris, and difficulty walking.  As a Bernstein Liebhard LLP hip replacement lawyer can explain, these complications stem from the defective design of the ASR hip replacement implants.  Given the serious complications associated with hip replacement failure, our team of DePuy hip recall lawyers is currently investigating and filing lawsuits on behalf of individuals who received the ASR devices.

A DePuy Hip Recall Attorney Will Explain Your Legal Rights

Following the August 2010 DePuy ASR hip recall, J&J contracted with Broadspire, a third party insurance adjuster.  Broadspire was hired to handle claims initiated by individuals who received the recalled implants.  Although filing a claim with Broadspire may seem like an effective and easy alternative for victims to receive compensation for their injuries without having to file a lawsuit, reimbursement is not guaranteed.  Moreover, in order to file a claim with Broadspire, individuals must sign a medical release form, which waives certain federally protected rights to privacy.  With unfettered access to a plaintiff’s medical history, the company can use anything it deems to be related to the ASR hip implant as evidence in court.  Therefore, if you received an ASR hip implant and have been contacted by Broadspire, you should speak with a DePuy hip recall lawyer prior to signing any documents.  A DePuy hip recall lawyer can help you seek compensation for foreseeable treatments, pain and suffering, lost wages and future uncertainties.

A DePuy Hip Lawyer Can Also Assist Pinnacle Recipients

In addition to litigation resulting from the ASR hip recall, DePuy is also defending lawsuits filed by individuals who received Pinnacle hip implants.  Like the ASR hip systems, it appears that patients who received a DePuy Pinnacle hip implant also face an increased risk of hip failure because of similar design defects.  Although the Pinnacle hip systems have not been recalled, they are also metal-on-metal devices, and therefore may carry many of the adverse side effects commonly experienced by ASR hip implant recipients.  If you received a Pinnacle hip system, a DePuy hip implant attorney can help you seek compensation for your injuries.       

How A DePuy Hip Replacement Lawyer Can Help

The DePuy hip replacement lawyers at our firm believe that DePuy knew that both the ASR and Pinnacle hip implants were defectively designed, yet failed to adequately warn consumers.  If you received either an ASR or Pinnacle implant, a DePuy hip replacement lawyer may be able to help you collect compensation for expenses related to your injuries, including:

  • medical bills
  • pain and suffering
  • lost income
  • permanent disability costs
  • out-of-pocket expenses

Contact A DePuy Hip Lawyer

With the assistance of a DePuy hip lawyer from Bernstein Liebhard LLP, patients who received a defective hip replacement product can initiate a lawsuit against J&J seeking compensation for their injuries.  Speak with one of our DePuy hip replacement lawyers for a free case evaluation.  Additionally, if you have been contacted by Broadspire, a DePuy hip recall lawyer can help you protect your legal rights.  Do not sign any documents before speaking with a DePuy hip replacement lawyer.

Our DePuy hip recall lawyers operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay no fees or charges up front.  In fact, you pay nothing unless a DePuy hip recall attorney can achieve a favorable outcome.

To learn more about your legal rights, contact a DePuy hip lawyer today.

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