On March 24, 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) posted worldwide Class 2 recalls for 68 DePuy ASR hip replacement products on its website.These recalls are in addition to 29 previous recall postings the FDA issued on July 17, 2010. Given that all DePuy ASR hip replacement products were voluntarily recalled by the company in August 2010, it is unclear why these latest DePuy ASR recall notices are being posted months later.  It could be that because the number of defective ASR hip replacement products involved in the DePuy ASR recall was so voluminous, there was a lengthy lag time for processing and posting the specific DePuy ASR hip replacement products that were included in the August DePuy ASR recall. According to the FDA website, these additional 68 postings concern over 120,000 recalled DePuy ASR hip replacement products that were “in commerce.” Although these latest postings were listed within the last week, it is important that consumers understand that this is not a new DePuy ASR recall.

FDA Establishes Website to Address DePuy ASR Recall

In addition to the recent updates detailing the specific DePuy ASR hip replacement products included in the DePuy ASR recall, last month, the FDA launched a website dedicated to outlining the risks associated with metal-on-metal ASR hip replacement implants. In addition to announcing that it will undertake a review to “assess the safety and effectiveness of metal-on-metal hip implants,” the FDA’s website devoted several pages to addressing concerns that have been raised regarding the metal-on-metal hip replacement implants. Prompted by the recent DePuy ASR recall of the ASR hip replacement products and growing concerns about metal debris from the implants causing serious injuries to patients, the FDA outlined plans to review studies, adverse event reports and analyses from the defective hip implant manufacturers in order to determine the reasons behind the products’ failure.

DePuy ASR Recall Hip Replacement Lawsuit

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